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Join as a Volunteer:

The Vrinda Foundation is a renowned NGO in India that provides support to individuals in a variety of ways. It is a platform for people and organizations who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. The Foundation offers a range of facilities and resources to support its initiatives and provides opportunities for individuals to volunteer and contribute to their efforts.

If you wish to make a difference and help others, you can become a volunteer by filling out a form on their website or contacting them directly. It is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to gain valuable experience, learn new skills, and positively impact while working towards a more significant cause. As a volunteer, you can assist in organizing events, fundraising, and other activities, making a significant difference in society. Joining as a volunteer is a fantastic way to give back to society and create a meaningful impact.

Points to ponder :

  • An organization should be legalized.
  • An organization should have some experience in social work
  • Nitya Foundation can approve or reject volunteer applications at any time.
  • No misuse of the Foundation name will be entertained.

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